Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Party

Last weekend in addition to brunching with our friends at the Polynesian, J and I had a less tropical experience at the pumpkin patch! It's just not fall until you have your pumpkin family at your door step.

I had never seen so many ugly pumpkins in one patch! I loved them all and if I had felt like blowing a couple hundred dollars on front door decor I would have made a killer hay, scarecrow and ugly pumpkin vignette. That's right, a vignette!

As it was, we got our three beautiful pumpkins (no ugly ones for us this year) and hit the road but not without a mini photo shoot and some hand-holding and strolling. There is something so nostalgic and sweet about a trip to the patch. Since it always falls smack in the middle of the hectic football season, I definitely look forward to this calm, quiet day every year.

Wait, where did our glasses go? ;)

Have you all made your trip to the patch yet?


Shells said...

I LOVE the warty pumpkins! Very ghoulish! We're doing the atypical indoor water slide park/hotel for Halloween this weekend. No pumpkin patch this year except in class field trips.

MrsFord said...

Hehe, water park for Halloween! Did you get costume swimsuits???