Friday, May 7, 2010

Decorating Inspiration: Living Room

Now that we have a lovely new home with nothing in it save for a full kitchen and a mattress in our bedroom, I smell a project coming on... Namely, decorating our extremely empty living room. I've never had a real grown-up home to decorate with anything fancier than a hand-me-down couch with a giant hole in the middle and a chewed up coffee-table. I'm feeling rather overwhelmed at the prospect of being adult about this.

If I were left to my own "first choice, best choice" method of piece-mealing our home together, the entire place would be green. Not because I think that would be pretty and welcoming, but because when looking at furniture, rugs, pillows, etc I am insanely drawn to everything green much like a magpie to shiny objects.

I do, however, have a "feeling" about where I want to go rather than green. As much as purple isn't really my thing, I am thinking a brown and cream color palette with soft lavender accents could be very pretty for a relaxing living room. Or maybe I just know too much about the sub-characters in Harry Potter (Lavender Brown?).

For more inspiration and with my color scheme firmly in mind, I turn to the decorating websites. Turns out, lavender and brown can be pretty sexy if done in a tasteful manner.

What say ye? I feel like this works and isn't overly she-she with all soft muted colors and where the lavender isn't so intense. It's much girlier than I would usually go for and I'm still thinking it may be too feminine for our tastes but for now, I'm going with it.

Whenever I am in need of color inspiration I turn to Snippet&Ink where I found this lavender and cream mood board that is really doing the trick for me.

It's beachy and relaxed but still sexy in an old-fashioned way. Now to find the furniture that can sing that same tune!


Shells said...

I vote for brown leather club chairs from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware!! I've wanted those for FOREVER!!

Shells said...

P.S. I'd also suggest sticking to a neutral color sofa or sectional of good quality and classic design. It'll last forever and you can always change out throw pillows.