Monday, August 2, 2010

Romantic Wedding Picnic Inspiration

What inspires and intrigues me about weddings is the level of creativity and personality they can display. It's sort of like a long, fun assignment. You are given a set of traditional tasks to prepare for (IE: ceremony decor, reception seating, cake cutting, bouquets) and then you apply your own style and snap to each task.

I suppose the same concept applies to dressing ourselves and our homes, but there is something so magical about bringing to life the love you feel for your partner visually in all facets of one special day.

Take, for instance...

{via Inspired by This by way of Sparkle&Hay}

How inviting would this be for guests? The mood is perfectly set, this isn't expensive or over the top, its just thoughtful and sweet, what a wedding should be. Love love love.

I'm such a romantic sucker. If I could replan our wedding I wouldn't because it was the absolute most perfect day of my life. BUT, its so fun to see the creativity out there and daydream, and of course to attend the well-thought-out weddings of friends!


Lulu said...

I love that picnic wedding idea, it looks so comfy and inviting! I wouldn't do anything different about my wedding either, but I still love to look and see what others are doing. I wish I could have my wedding every year, but some else do all the work, I just want the day again and again and again :)

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

Love it Love it Love it!! :)

MrsFord said...

I totally wish we could relive the amazing feeling from our wedding day over and over as well... i suppose thats what fancy anniversary celebrations are for!