Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reading Rainbow

My book case is more fun than yours.


Victoria said...

Color- coded!! Cute.
Do your closets look like this too?
How about kitchen pantry?
I know a good psychologist....
Love you.

Lulu said...

Wow, it is more fun than mine! My books are in groups: already read but must keep, want to read ASAP, want to read someday but who cares when. :)

KatherineBee said...

Do all of your bookcases look like this? I feel so hopeless at organizing when I see things like this! Can you please organize my new digs?

MrsFord said...

OH mommy, you are the funniest.

Lulu, you sound much more practical than me but in a really good way!

Katie, I <3 Reno AND organizing so... yes? My dad lived there for several years and its also where my brother was born! The 'rents almost named him Reno, who would have been cooler than him?!