Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Life Be Like... Texting with Hubs Version

Me: Hi baby, how's work going? I miss you.

Hubs: Good! I miss you too baby. You should check out this livestrong website. You input everything you've eaten in a day and it gives you a custom nutritional guide of your diet. It's really cool, I know you will like it.

Me: But I always eat healthy stuff anyhow.

Hubs: I know but I bet you will love this. What have you eaten so far today?

Me: ...

Hubs: Babe?

Me: A french toast bagel, some two-bite brownies and a sweet tea.

Hubs: Its 9am!

Me: The sugar count on my nutrional guide is going to shame me...

Hubs: I love you.