Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Blog Recommendations

Hey faithful fans. If I haven't said it in a while but thank you for reading, commenting and being so positive and amazing on BMF. You all really bring so much joy into my life.

Now that Ive got you all buttered up... Do any of ya'll read good book blogs that you can recommend? I keep bugging my friends for book suggestions but I thought maybe I would try the blogosphere for some more reviews/suggestions. I tend to read blogs that are a tad snarky. Any website recommendations? I also really like healthy eating/recipe blogs (thanks a lot Rach) if you have a fav of those too I would love to hear about it.

Thanks guys!

Also, my husband started his first day of graduate school today! If you knew the same 15 year old version of this man that I did, you would be as amazed, impressed and inspired as I feel right now. I am one proud wife. He fills my heart up!

For those of you that are teachers or moms getting ready to head back into the classroom, you rock my world sisters.

Hope your Monday was just swell ;)


Victoria said...

Hello fellow readers!
I found this site:
while looking for the release date for Suzanne Colllins third book in her trilogy "Hunger Games". It comes out today I believe!!!
This site looks great- it has lists , lists and more lists of books.
Definitely a site I'll go back to.

Victoria said...

P.S. I just finished "Lucy" which was terrific and a fun read.
"Lucy (Knopf), the debut novel of writer Laurence Gonzales (Deep Survival et al), is about a half-human, half-bonobo hybrid girl, the teenage titular Lucy, who's been raised in the Congo by her primatologist father but, due to tragic circumstances in the war-torn country, ends up in Chicago where she quite naturally struggles to fit in. (She has a lot more problems than your average teenager, let's just say.)"
quote from:

MrsFord said...

whoa thanks for the suggestions, those sound interesting FOR SURE!

Lulu said...

I used to read a book/blog called Sassy Monkey Reads. I don't have the link, I'm sure I could find it via Google though.

I love to read, have more books in my library than I can keep up with. Just started The Help and am loving it!

MrsFord said...

Ooh, I just finished The Help. It only gets better and better, you are going to love it! I will look into Sassy Monkey :)