Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY Details: Wedding Weekend Welcome Kits

Sometimes I just really need to tote my own amazingness. Why? A) Because I am amazing and B) Because if I don't, then who will?

What makes me so amazing you say? My general ass-kicking abilities at giving people I love gifts (for starters).

For our wedding, our bridal party either stayed at my grandmother's house with me, or at a hotel with Jonathon. They are our absolute best friends in the world so we wanted to show our gratitude for having them in our lives and in our wedding by giving them a little somethin' somethin' in addition to their actual bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts (pashminas and wallets, respectively).

Thus, the birth of our wedding weekend welcome kits!

Don't you just hate staying away from home and not having water in your hotel room (i mean, besides the $6, 8oz bottle in the mini-fridge)? As a member of a bridal party, you are obligated to attend a veritable cornucopia of dinners, drinks, rehearsals, what have yous... So the one thing generally missing from your schedule is time to stop for a snack. And how can anyone live without champagne in a can or ho-hos, or party poppers? Yea, not our friends either.

Step 1... Gather the essentials. Essentials being booze, water, chocolate, something salty, and something fun (in that order, obvs).

Step 2... Shove essentials in a cute bag.

Step 3... Leave welcome kits in hotel rooms of bffs and wait for the hugs to come to you.

Yes, I also made one for us lovebirds for our honeymoon hotel stay. Full disclosure: it was a tad nicer than these ones. What? I deserve it. I told you, I am awesome.


Lulu said...

Wedding welcome kits are great! We did these too, for all of our out of town guests, 43 bags. Thanks to my mom for doing 99% of the work on these. Yours are awesome!! I am jealous there were Ho-Ho's in your bags, and candy bracelets!!!

MrsFord said...

Wow 43 bags is A LOT. We were originally planning to do them for all of our out-of-towners too but that was one of the last minute projects that got majorly Xed. Go mom for helping!

Mr. Ford said...

These were so awesome. I love that we gave canned champange, thats classier than champange-in-a-can? Oh yeah, you!