Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writing in My Gournal

Lindsay: Whatcha doing?
Andy: Writing in my gournal, I write my thoughts in it everyday
Lindsay: Oh, you mean a journal?
Andy: Yeah, whatever. I guess I'm not all smart like you.

Hi, my name is Mrs. Ford and I'm a journaler.

I don't think I would have continued with this blog if it didn't serve such a strong purpose in my life. I love to write and I am a very visual person so the two go hand-in-hand. Its groovy.

However, sometimes there's just nothing like the feel of pen on paper. I love the physical actual act of creating words by writing something out by hand. Whenever I have written in a journal in the past, I generally don't go back to re-read what I've written. It's kind of cringe-worthy for me, like seeing your 13 year old self on video doing something very very embarrassing. No thanks. But I think in not looking back sometimes I loose something. We change so drastically each year of our lives, its important to celebrate that change and growth.

I stumbled across this journal {via Village} and think the concept would be really perfect for someone who may be afraid of re-reading lengthy or emotional old journal entries.
Basically each page is dated and has a spot for a short entry every day for 5-years. So every time you write in it after the first year you will have a short but hopefully sweet reminder of where you were and what was going on in your life on that very day the year before.
Pretty nifty, huh? Do you gournal?


Krystal said...

i journal with that one!! haha :) so true, there is nothing like pen and paper :)

MrsFord said...

How do you like it? I'm a bit nervous about re-reading my old thoughts. What do you think?

Mr. Ford said...

Re-reading old opinions and ideas totally freaks me out. I think I would learn a ton but I don't think I could handle it. especially 5 years from now. Though I suppose it might help you maintain focus throughout the years too. That's kinda cool.

Shells said...

I wish I did journal--I've been so many cool places with so many cool folks it'd be nice to remember them. Sometimes I don't remember what I did yesterday. Now, where was I March 28 again? I must be getting old...;-)

Victoria said...

I know I am showing my age but I have no idea of the reference to Gournal?
I do however find a brand new beautiful empty book full of pages to fill in, very exciting.
Also, I think "morning pages" ala The Artist's Way, are extremely helpful for many folks. Plus, you can stick your dreams in there too first thing in the am before they fade away.

MrsFord said...

baby-lu, you are right, i think it would be cool to see the growth.

mom, you are freaking me out! i just got the artists way from the library! i know i didnt tell you that. havent morning paged yet though...

shells, you were at the world's most beautiful wedding EVER on march 28, silly!