Monday, August 23, 2010

My Favorite Rachel

My cousin Rachel is about to start her second year at the world's best college, my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. F*ck em Bucky!

Before her new semester she popped down to O-town to see her favorite family members and to have some R&R before the stresses of academia set-in once more (read: before returning to her swank Gamma Phi Beta sorority mansion to be waited upon by maids and cooks... sheesh, college kids these days).

All silliness aside, she is one of my best friends and I lover her to pieces. She is inspiring and funny and it was awesome having her around.

Did I mention that I love making her laugh :)

Mostly we just hung out and talked. That is the mark of a true friend, being able to just do nothing together. But of course we also took her to our favorite local spots... Lake Eola photo-shoot!

While she was out here we checked out Cocoa Beach, one of the only local beaches I had yet to visit. The beach itself was really nice but I think I prefer hanging out at some of the other beaches closer to Orlando, especially if you are going in to town after your trip to the sand and surf. Let's just say, right next to the beach here there was a strip club called Cheaters... Yea. Cocoa Beach = kind of lame. Us girls = 100% awesome.

What's better than family?


Rachel said...

THIS IS SO CUTE YOU ARE THE BEST! Also I am all moved into the not so swanky more like sweaty gamma phi house wahoooo!

Victoria said...

She's one of my top three favorite girls in the world!!!!
What a cutie-pie!
Go Badgers.

MrsFord said...

Go Badgers! JuMp ArOuNd!!!