Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY Detail: Wedding Cake and Favor Tables

During our wedding planning, we made every attempt to craft the details of our special day ourselves. As fate would have it, I fancy myself a crafty person so sewing tablecloths for our cake table and favor table was a fun little project for me. I also love the splash of coral that these tablecloths brought to our photos.

While doing too many DIY projects can easily overwhelm any bride, sewing these was pretty basic and didn't take much effort. That said, the benefit of knowing I made these myself and getting to use them again after the wedding was a HUGE benefit in relation to the minimal effort.

We had a bit of a leaning-tower-of-cake issue (and that was really only the beginning of our cake issues, but let's not get me started), but we thoroughly enjoyed the whole cutting and shoving cake in each other's mouths bit of the recetion. To. The. Max.

And that pound cake with strawberries and cream was GOOOOD too. :)


Susan said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing and letting me visit.

Lulu said...

Just went back and read your previous cake post. Can't believe you had the whole bottom cake waiting for you, too funny!! Did you ever find the top?

We love Indian Wells, we go there every 4th of July!!

MrsFord said...

Lulu, it was so NOT funny, it was horribly tragic! We NEVER found our delicious carrot cake top. Im convinced the wait-staff ate it and then spit on the rest :)

Isn't the desert the best?! We went to College of the Desert for 4th of July fireworks last year and it rocked!

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

aawwww, you guys look SO cute and happy!!! great pics!

MrsFord said...

Thanks Erin :)