Friday, July 16, 2010

Cheap Date Ideas from Money Crashers

One of the biggest changes newlyweds are faced with is dealing with their finances as a couple. Have you ever visited the site It is a great resource for advice on everything from your credit score to how to thrill your hubby on the cheap.

Speaking of which, recently posted an article on inexpensive romantic ideas for you and your loved one. How great is that?

One of my favorite ideas that didn't make their list is to have a themed date. For example, for a Roman Holiday themed night, make Italian food, have some champagne and gelati on hand (Anya had never tried the bubbly) and maybe sneak silly pictures of each other a la the reporter in the film who follows Princess Ann. Oh yea, don't forget to snuggle up and watch the DVD too.

I loved this article from their site about romantic and cheap staycations. Here's their list of ideas just in time for the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Picnic at the Park
You may go to the park frequently if you have young children, but this trip is for adults only. You’ll need a blanket for two, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, a cheese sampler, and sliced fruit. Take along a book of romantic poetry by Shelley, Keats, or Browning (if you don’t have one pick up one at the local library). Take turns reading to one another or talking about something that interests you. To keep it romantic, don’t talk about the children, work, or your mother-in-law.

Bike Ride in the Country
If you don’t have bikes of your own, you might think about renting some at the local bike shop. Find a meandering country road with little traffic, or if there is a state park nearby, then head out on a slow-paced ride enjoying the scenery and the wildlife. Take breaks along the way to laugh or to catch your breath. Just being out experiencing nature together can be exhilarating and get the blood flowing to the heart.

Dance the Night Away
It’s terrific if you are a dance pro, but if you’re like me you have two left feet and your partner only has one. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the two-step or the tango; it’s about getting out there and spending time focusing on one another. Choose a music genre you both love if possible, or try something new.

Dining Out
This idea is a bit predictable but it’s a classic way to spend time focusing on your spouse. Add a little spice to it by trying a new restaurant, eating a cuisine you’ve never eaten before, or going to your favorite spot but ordering a dish you’ve never had. My favorite romantic places are Italian or French, but these can get expensive, so I some sometimes like to go the home cooked route and fix up a simple spaghetti and salad, dress up the patio table, and put on Sinatra.

Video Game Fun
If you have a video game console lying around and you have kids, chances are you’ve never been on it. Why not hit the rental store and pick out a game you can play as a couple? Challenging yourself and each other can be fun and great way to laugh together. Pick something that will get you animated, like a racing game. The Nintendo Wii sports games and Rock Band/Guitar Hero are also great games to play as a couple.

Beach or Lake Day
Hopefully, you have a large body of water nearby. We live super close to the coast, so it is nothing for us to hop in the car and have a day of sand and sea. Hopefully you can do the same. Take the lawn chairs, an umbrella, and a cooler and hit the lake or beach. Even if you don’t plan on taking a dip, you can sport your swimsuit and enjoy time together on the shore.

Sleep In for a Change
You may be in the habit of jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn even on your day off, but try to control the urge and snuggle up together instead. Staying in bed, dozing in out of sleep, talking quietly to one another and shutting out the world can be a great way to reconnect and encourage intimacy.

Aren't those great suggestions? Do you have any fun and cheap date-night ideas?


Lu Lu in Los Angeles said...

I've not heard of that site, thanks for the introduction. The hubs and I are just getting back into "dating" again, can finally leave the baby with a sitter and get out to dinner on our own. I'll check out the site for some other fun ideas!

MrsFord said...

yay for dating again! have you been nervous to leave Baby-Lu at home?