Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Weekend Fun

Hey Yall.

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have good excuses, I swear!

Over the weekend one of my best friends and fellow Floridians made the drive up to O-town to hang tough with her girls. Besides just catching up, we didn't do much, unless you count kicking ass at rock band as doing much! Weekend pictures to ensue, in the meantime here's some oldies but goodies (from 3 months ago). :)

What's better than spending some girl time with your favorite ladies?

Thanks for coming to visit Miss Aimee. Love you girl!

Aren't good friends one of life's best gifts?


dognbird said...

Sounds like fun. You gals are beautiful!

MrsFord said...

Thank you so much!

Victoria said...

I agree... what a bevy of beauties !
I'm so glad you were able to all get together, you three married ladies.
And... go Knights.

MrsFord said...