Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sparkle Motion

Did ya'll have a great 3 day weekend? It is truly my belief that we would all be better, sweeter, more humane individuals if every weekend was a 3 day weekend. I think I'm going to write a bill.

In the meantime, my weekend was sparkley-tastic. The hubs and I had date night to see Twilight and it was AAAAAWESOME. We both loved it, but we are both major Team Jacob supporters. My bff has read all of the books and tells me that if you have read Stephanie Meyer than you will always be for Bella and Edward because their romance is written so well. However, when the books came out, I was teaching high school and ALL of my students were into the series and I just couldn't bring myself to read the same thing as them concurrently. Therefore, not having read the books, I just dont believe Robert Pattenson's demonic pasty emo 107 year old self would win out over a warm cuddley wolf-man! HELLLO.

Anywhooo it was entertaining for sure, and I liked it best of the saga thus far. We are much bigger HP fans and are majorly looking forward to the next 2 movies (even though it drives me nuts that they split the last book into a 2 part movie).

We had a really relaxing and fun weekend with friends that included rock band, shopping, ice cream, that most American of dinners - sushi, and of course watching a great fireworks display to cap it all off. So far we are having a truly great summer!

I just love shiney, glittery things, don't you?


Lu Lu in Los Angeles said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments :)

I LOVE the Twilight series, read the books and have seen the first 2 movies, haven't had the chance to see Eclipse yet. I'm Team Edward :)

In your jcrew post below, love the eyelet tank, soooo cute!!!

(hope you get this comment, something is wrong with blogger comments currently, they aren't showing up!)

Rachel said...

HAHA! I loved it too! I had an awesome 4 day weekend thanks for asking! I'll email you asap about it!!

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

Um I would totally vote for that bill as well...even though it wouldn't apply in Canada! Glad you had such a nice weekend!


Aimee said...

yeah, i dont know how you could read the books and NOT be team edward. you fall in love with him in the books....but in the movie, yeah, jacob is way hotter....

p.s. read the books. you wont regret it. they are AMAZING

MrsFord said...

Lu Lu - thank you!

Raquel - xoxox

Lenore - thanks for stopping by ;)

Aims - yea. jacob IS way hotter.

You guys are aweomse!

MrsFord said...

or Awesome. you know, either one.