Monday, May 3, 2010

Indian Wells Esmeralda Mini-Moon: Part 1

Although it seems like a lot longer ago than in reality, a month ago, just after our wedding Jonathon and I took a mini-moon to Indian Wells, a small city outside of Palm Desert. As much as we wanted to go on a true white-sand-beach-honeymoon, we knew this big cross country move was ahead of us and we also wanted to make sure we would have a financial cushion while looking for jobs in our new hometown. So, we told ourselves we would venture to further shores within the year (at least by our one-year anniversary, right?) and in the meantime we would enjoy the heck out of being newlyweds no matter where we were.

We had the world's greatest time being surrounded by our family and friends for the wedding week but we were SO stoked to be alone together after so much busyness and mayhem. I really believe it wouldn't have mattered if we were in Tahiti or at our own home, the best part of being on our honeymoon was getting to relax together and discuss all of the craziness of the wedding that just happened. We pretty much just laughed and told stories for four days.

One of the first things we encountered upon arriving at the beautiful Esmeralda Resort for our mini-moon was the "top-tier" of our cake waiting for us in our fantastic room. When we originally ordered our wedding cake we got a little 6" carrot cake as our top tier. We decided not to save it for our one-year anniversary, per tradition, since we knew we would be moving. We both love carrot cake and were excited to enjoy our little secret tier that the Ace Hotel (where we were married) told us they had saved for us.

When we got to our room at the Esmeralda we were quite surprised to find the ENTIRE bottom tier of our cake (which should feed approximately 40 wedding guests) waiting for us. We were so confused as to why the Ace didn't serve this to our guests, where the heck the carrot cake top-tier went, if our guests got enough of the cake that was served, and what the hell to do with this giant cake! We cracked up about it and then promptly called down to the front desk to bring us up an extra mini-fridge, some plates and some saran-wrap. Then we gave cake away to every service person who would take it.

After the cake fiasco, Jonathon and I got to hang out by the pool and relax for an entire day. What a giant luxury after a year of non-stop plans and stress, I am telling you. The Esmeralda is a swanky joint but it is also WAY kid-friendly. The pool definitely had a Sponge-Bob MC that rallied the kids and played some sort of game involving screaming and Nickelodeon slime and the singing of Miley Cyrus. Luckily I am a former teacher and can tune these things out. I doubt we would have care much if we were the only adults on kid-island at that point, we were just happy to lie by the pool, read magazines and drink blendy fruity drinks.

When we returned to our room, waiting for us was a lovely bottle of champagne and some chocolate strawberries. Listen, being on your honeymoon is seriously the best. Can you imagine what a beautiful world this would be if you came home to champagne and chocolate strawberries every day? Like you could be mad about anything! Anyhow, our friend and groomsman Ted had these sent to us with a sweet card and it seriously made our day. He is rad.

What? I don't see anything remotely dorky about this.

Thanks for being awesome Ted!

You may be catching on, but one of the best parts of being on a honeymoon, and I'm pretty sure all our fellow newlyweds out there will agree with me, is all of the delicious indulgent food you get to enjoy and all of the awesome special service you receive. I swear, just start telling people you are on your honeymoon no matter where you are because they will hook you up! :)

For our second dinner together as husband and wife we venture out into the world to Ruth's Chris Steak House baby. AND it was DELICIOUS... and also romantic. Although I'm not a steak person, Jonathon is in a major way and I definitely enjoyed all the non-steak offerings on the menu. Literally, all of them. Just kidding, but what I did have was delish. :)

Check out the newlyweds outside their sweet hotel!

We were definitely having an incredible time and what was really the icing on the cake was... our entire cake! Who needs fancy Ruth's Chris Bread Pudding when you have pound-cake and custard with strawberries wedding cake waiting for you in your hotel room? Apparently us, because we definitely had both. :) We were celebrating!!!

Stick around for the rest of our mini-moon tomorrow!

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