Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Wish & Happy Anniversary to Us!

With our wedding 2 neat little months behind us (how is that possible? Happy 2 month Anniversary to us!), I have now had plenty of time to think over anything I would have done differently. I am so happy to say that of the entire week of festivities that made up our wedding, I can count only 3 things that I would have changed. That's pretty darn good considering!

One of those things is the fact that about 50% of our guests were all old high school friends. Of our bridal party alone, 6 out of 10 of us went to HS together.

With our 10 year high school reunion looming next year, I really wish when the photographers had asked, "are there any other special shots you guys want?" I would have requested a group shot of all our HS alum. Sigh. We do have all of these...

Ce la vie. We have plenty of great pics of all our friends, but none of us with all of them. Jonathon says, "you never know, maybe we will all get together again soon," and maybe he's right. I guess 10+ years of friendship and the fact that they made the cut on an 88 person guest list gives us pretty good odds that the friendships are here to stay.

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