Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Weekend Welcome Drinks

One of the wedding week events I just never got around to posting was our Welcome Drinks Night at the Amigo Room in Palm Springs the Friday before our Sunday wedding. I really can't believe this was just shy of 2 months ago, it feels like yesterday AND a year ago all at once.

Although we had been spending time with our nearest and dearest already, this was truly the big bang start to our weekend wedding festivities. Everyone who made the drive out from LA after work on Friday sure weren't sorry. We had such a great time. Not to mention we had his-and-hers drink specials at the bar and photobooth action to capture everyones fabulousness.

Me and my lovely bridesmaids all in one place! This was the first time we were all together as 2 of my maids couldn't make it to the bachelorette party. I have hot friends. :)

At this point we lived 3000 miles apart but 2 months later and we're neighbors! It's awesome having a bff like mine.

The funniest photobooth keepsake of the night was definitely my mother's. She looks so confused in all 4 shots, it was cracking all of us up.

This picture is the funniest for no apparent reason. We were just being silly and pretending to wait in line to get into the fancy club... Being dorky is hilarious.

My handsome husband.

Cancun Reunion/Teth Sandwich!

The boys.

They give it thumbs up so I guess that's all the approval needed.

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