Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trend Alert: Double Demin

Besides the every present light blue shirt-dresses, dark navy everything-else-dresses and all around naval inspired head to toe wears, blue is making it big in fashion this summer. Nowhere more so than in the denim trend we had all hoped would never come to fruition: denim on denim.

Doing the double denim has been a no-no for as long as the dreaded term "Canadian tuxedo" has been around. Unless of course your fashion inspiration is the Marlboro man or lest ye appear as if these two were your fashion impresarios...

And yet, according to Ralph Lauren, Gap, Banana Republic and all the other movers and shakers of the style world, you are now cordially invited to wear all of your denim at once.

While this might be a frightening idea for some, it really can be a simple trend to try if you stick closely to the following four fail proof rules.

1) The simplest way to do double denim is with a chambray top paired with jeans. Make sure the colors are different, preferably with the lighter blue on top a la Reese Witherspoon.

2) If you're going to pair a denim jacket with jeans, try one in an unexpected color. Grey denim jackets are very hip right now, and also pair nicely with brightly colored floral or African print dresses, another summer trend.

3) When doubling up on denim, mix the weights or the tones of the denim. Jessica Alba demonstrates an off-hand way to layer weights with a denim jacket over a tunic with jean leggings. This would also look great with a denim vest, another hot summer item. All blue, all day baby.

4) Finally, it's summer, don't forget you're an American and that means jean skirts and jorts are never out of fashion. For more elegance and less country, try longer jean shorts (mid-thigh) with the edges cuffed instead of cut. Anne Hathaway here reminds us chambray makes double denim work no matter what you pair on bottom, so long as its a darker tone.

So what do you think? Will you be busting all of your denim gear out at once? Or did Britney and Justin put the fear of head-to-toe denim in you for good?


Victoria said...

NOTHING ever beats a white T or blouse with jeans, no matter what decade.
Besides, where do these folks plan to spend summer, in the Canadian Rockies?
I want to be cool and comfortable in the heat.

Shells said...

Just tell me when we've left the sickly, skin-tight jeans behind. Looks like 80s coke-addict rocker chicks to me. And, even if you've got legs up to there, you end up looking stumpy in those things. Next thing I know, ripped, off the shoulder sweatshirts will be making a come back. If they do, I'll be sitting that season out.

Rachel said...

Oh woah I had no idea double denim could look good. This is inspiring girl!