Thursday, May 6, 2010

One-Tone Oxfords, Je T'aime

Remember back in February when I was all like, oh man these Tom's Oxfords are killing me with their springy perfectness? Yes, well, I defy you to look down at everyone's feet the next time you're in a public place and tell me how many pairs of Oxfords you spot. Then buy yourself a pair. Here's some of the cutest one-tone Oxfords the web has to offer...

Free People Patent Oxfords

For the record (I am well aware they are NOT Oxfords), I want to wear these all summer long. They're oh so Audrey Hepburn on the banks of the Seine reading a book about the Victorians AND they combine all of Spring/Summers trends into one magical pair of shoes. Beige as the new neutral, check. Jaunty splash of bold color, check (ok they come in other bold colors, back off). A wee bit of Africanspiration via crochet, check! It appears that if Oxfords aren't your thing, these Tory's here are this summer's most perfect shoe.

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