Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Furniture Hunt USA

While the "Great Furniture Hunt USA" continues en mass and our home is still generally empty, we did make one big purchase over the weekend. A headboard! Doesn't it look fab with one of our favorite wedding gifts, this amazing quilt? Uh, yea, it does. And so does our ridiculously adorable and good mannered baby.

Now we just need two nightstands, a dresser, mirror, and highboy and our bedroom set will be complete! It's a good thing we are both patient shoppers.


Victoria said...

I like your new headboard with the quilt and rug. It looks so inviting and homey.
Brodie is a baby.

MrsFord said...

Thank you so much! It feels very homey, now if we could just get the rest of our furniture...