Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Orlando Adventures

Welcome to Monday... Oh yea, it's also my birthday! Have some cake for me. :)

I can't believe I actually missed a blogging day on Friday, so sorry everyone! I was off being very busy and important. I had a job interview that I hope/think went really well because it would be such an amazing position. Hopefully this week I will get called back for a second interview and then I can tell you all more about it. In the meantime, think good happy thoughts for me!

After my interview I felt pretty good about things so J and I did what we do best. We went shopping... More to come on that tomorrow. For a visual, here we are on the roller-coaster that is our shopping induced endorphin-rush. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It has been so great getting to know a new city. Everyone asks if we have hit up any of the sweet attractions Orlando has to offer, but, as I am currently "job-seeking" we are trying to keep the belt in the tightest notch ifyouknowwhatimsayin. Plus Disney World is like $80 a pop!

Not to fret though because we are certifiably some of the world's greatest free-things-to-do finders and have been enjoying the heck out of our new hometown on the cheap. For example, we are frequenters of the great downtown Orlando library, we know all of the local art museums' "free days" and that goes double for the nifty botanical gardens as well. We even got to check out a free preview of the movie Robin Hood at the Universal Citywalk in Orlando. Aren't we just the cutest thriftsters?! It has also been just super to spend so much QT with our best friends and new neighbors.

Yesterday was one of the most "southern" days we have had here in the deep southern state of Florida. In our search for fun and inexpensive ways to explore the city we found a spot that was hosting a free fish fry during a Magic game, and knew it was for us. We may have suspected this freebie was a bit too good to be true had we inspected the establishments motto a a little closer. It simply stated, "We Got Booze," seriously. But the food was awesome and so was the Nascar (apparently basketball was not on the agenda) and the company was even better.

After our "we got booze" adventure we decided to take Teeny for a walk in our neighborhood during a bit of a thunderstorm. We were only slightly thwarted by a bit of hot summery rain and lighting. Yes!!!

I really think the word "adventure" sums up our new lives here in Orlando. If you know me, getting to know the nooks and crannies of a new city is one of the things that makes me feel most alive, so I am truly having the time of my life. Even if I am a whole darn year older...


Shells said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Still young enough to not have to start lying about your age. You look mahvelous!
We love you!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world.
I'm sending LOTS of energy and good thoughts about your job possibility.
You go girl, they would be so lucky to have you.
A BIG hug to you and Jonathon and Teeney
(I miss him so much!)
Xx one on each cheek

MrsFord said...