Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Decorating with Restoration Hardware: Lavender, Cream and Brown

If you are decorating an area of your home in cream, brown and subtle lavender like I am, but have an unlimited budget, unlike me, then I suggest you head straight to Restoration Hardware where that very color scheme is currently being pushed in a big way. They make it look real good too.

If the Mr. and I had our design druthers, our home would be a heady distressed wood and leather mix of RH, Pottery Barn and antiques. This cream and lavender linen couch, while highly impractical especially if anyone under the age of 10 resides in your home, is insanely cozy and would make the perfect beach cottage living room complete.

Jonathon and I both fell in love with this Buster leather chair and recliner set. I think they may be a bit dark to go with the above mention color scheme but they would be dreamy in a little alcove/corner library in my imaginary beach cottage.

Much of Restoration Hardware's grey-lavender and cream items are in the store's "outdoor living room" area. Which, if you think about it, would be just lovely surrounded by a white-picket fence with a snug sprinkling of real wild lavender all encompassing an expanse of bright green grass with the ocean just beyond it.

Sigh, this really made me want a beach cottage on the dunes...

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Shells said...

Looks beautiful. Just be careful how you incorporate it in your design--this year's lavender may end up being next year's harvest gold and avocado green--oh so popular and lovely in 1976--now, not so much. Not so cheap changing out all those ranges and refrigerators.