Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orlando Antiquing

Shopping for all new furniture is soooo much fun. It is also a little crazy making if you don't have a clear direction on your way in. Why? Because you will see something like this here chair and decide you should just go ahead and do the whole living room up in dirty mustard yellow. I know some might find offense with this chair but I personally think it is the bomb diggity.

You know what else is the bomb diggity? This sweet wicker chaise. Are we coming to grips with my inappropriate adoration and lust for The Chaise? This beauty was only $850. Take one home today, then enjoy a mint julip on the porch to celebrate your great Chaise conquest!

What was I saying about shopping without a plan and everything going horribly horribly wrong? You know you like this sweet vibrant blood orange chair and ottoman as much as I do... I could see blood orange coming into style soon. What?

I truly know that I found and married my soul mate. How you ask? Oh, well, this shabby chic vintage floral couch was one of my husbands fav finds of the day. My taste for the eccentric must be rubbing off on him... Our poor, poor children.


Shells said...

You've inspired me to continue decorating the rest of my house. I bought some awesome blue mason jars yesterday--think I'll redecorate my master bath or maybe the kitchen in a fresh country theme. Right after I redo my master bedroom. Right after I paint the exterior of my house. Right after I resand and repaint the back deck. Right after I clean and refill the pool. Right after I prune the front shrubs.

Victoria said...

Don't do it!
Ucky mustard yellow.
Bad furniture.

Sabine said...

I have one of those "vintage florals" in our living room - you are welcome to have it for free - just have to pick it up in Santa Barbara... ; - ) Some people call it ugly, but now that I know it's stylish... ooops the price just went up to $10 ; - )

MrsFord said...

Shells - Can we get a picture of the "fresh country theme" in action?!

Mother - You are silly.

Sabine - HI! How is SD? You just stick with me and you can raise the price of all kinds of things you used to think were worthless :)