Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Engagement Photo Shoot at LA Farmer's Market

The Original Los Angeles Farmer's Market has so much color and character, we knew we had to go there for part of our engagement shoot. Once we got there, however, we were a little overwhelmed by how busy it was, which, obviously we should have thought of before hand seeing as how the Farmer's Market is attached to the Grove and it was a Sunday a few weekends before Christmas... Duh.

I'm so glad we didn't ixnay this location though, as it has sentimental value to Jonathon and I, and because the pics we got here were some of our absolute favorites of the bunch. We definitely did get stares and random comments from passers-by, but it was all part of the fun. Josh and Ariel of Anika London could not have been more wonderful about dealing with the mayhem and steady stream of people, and we all had a really great time goofing off.

If you live in LA, you HAVE to go to the Farmer's Market, take a stroll and then gorge yourself on Brazilian food by the pound at Pampas Grill. Loteria Mexican food is also awesome, and there are a million other delicious spots from crepes to ice cream. The Farmer's Market is really one of our favorite things about Los Angeles. Hope you enjoyed our pics.

Up next are our pics from Griffith Observatory, our final location from the shoot...

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Victoria said...

LOVE these pics at the Farmer's Market- they look so natural and sunny- just like you guys!