Monday, February 1, 2010

BCAM at LACMA Engagement Session

Good Morning and Happy February! We're continuing on with our "Engagement Shoot Tour LA" this morning with the fav shots from BCAM @ LACMA (aka: The Broad Contemporary Art Museum at the LA County Museum of Art for those who don't speak acronym). One of our main reasons for choosing to spend part of our shoot at BCAM is the amazing Renzo Piano architecture. Hope you enjoy the red-green contrast as much as me, and that you aren't sick of looking at our mushiness yet! There is much more to come...

Bottom, middle or top of an escalator - I really like this guy. It's hilarious to me how many escalator shots we got and actually loved. You would think looking at our proofs that we spent an hour riding up and down but we actually only took one trip up. I guess we're just that good :)

Confession: We totally felt like rockstars standing on the balcony here at BCAM. Can you tell? Dang it feels good to be a gangster! And how baller is that Hollywood Hills backdrop?! Definitely worth all those trips up the escalator.

This portrait sequence is one of my favorites of our engagement pictures... It shows how multi-faceted we are! See: we're serious, happy, jokey, and snuggley! I didn't love the blur effect our photogs used at first glance at these, but the more I look at these the more I think it helps to keep us as the focus... literally. :)

Hope you enjoyed our LACMA engagement pictures! More highlights from our next location coming up tomorrow... PS: In case you're keeping track like me, only 55 days to go!

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Mr. Ford said...

Oh dear, I sure love you! These pics came out amazing baby. Our Photographers are friggin' awesome. The Models aren't too shabby either though.