Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Escort Cards and Words of Wisdom

We have been discussing ideas of how to use photographs in new and interesting ways during our wedding reception since it is something so important to Jonathon and I. We don't want to do the same old boring slide show you see at so many weddings. We sat through an hour and a half long one once, I swear! The bride and groom were cute as kids but after about 20 minutes I think its a total buzzkill. I think we have come up with some good alternatives for our own wedding. I hope you are surprised by some of the things we have created, you will get to see them all in 44 short days!!!

In the meantime, you know I have been desperately trying to get old photographs from each of our wedding guests. I couldn't imagine what this would be like for a large wedding since it has been like pulling teeth for our tiny wedding list. Anyhow, I may just have to skulk through facebook and take what I can get for the sixtyish people that never got back to me, but we had in mind to make something similar to the following photo escort cards. Cute, right?

We have also been loving the idea of using our amazing engagement photos for a guest book, but also trying to get creative with it to move just beyond a book. I thought this idea of fill in the blank "words of wisdom" cards was just too cute. Most likely we will go for ease and just make a good old fashioned book, but I like this idea so much...

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