Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moller's Garden Center Succulents

When we were down in Palm Desert meeting with our priest last weekend I went by Moller's Garden Center to check out the desert's best succulents. They had such good variety, and the prices weren't mind-blowing for their cheapness or expense so I guess who's complaining, right? We have a place in Ojai that I will post on soon that is a bit less pricey and have some really exotic stuff, but this wasn't too shabby either.

They even had some big mamajamas. These were $40 a piece, aren't they awesome!

3" potted succulents for $3 a pop.

Besides the potted single plants Moller's had some large and small mixed cactus and succulent arrangements in ceramic pots for $40 and $15 respectively. These were a little too cactuscentric for my, but the price is not too shabby if you're in the market.

I just love bouganvillia, I dont think there is anything including cactus that says desert to me more. It is so soft, exotic and romantic. I especially love the pink and orange "rosenka" variety. You will be seeing it at our wedding shindig for sure.

OMG have you ever seen anything so beautiful as these poppies? These made me want to change our entire reception to incorporate them as centerpieces. Poppies, poppies. It may just happen...

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