Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weddingstar Cake Toppers

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in the magazine section at B&N and have myself a good read. I know you're technically not supposed to do that but it just makes me too happy to stop. Well seeing as I only have a month left to be A BRIDE, I have definitely been pursuing the bridal magazines lately (OK, I know once I'm a married lady I will read those too, they are so fun, but I am trying to soak up the ideas while I can still put them to use).

Anyhow, I thought I was reaching for a magazine I had never heard of when I ran across a bridal catalog called Weddingstar. Have you read Weddingstar? I'm not really into the whole unity candles and monogrammed matchboxes that they sell in those catalogs but this one had some really cute cake toppers.

Thus far we have decided to use a fresh flower for a cake topper, I have seen some really cheesy and tacky cake toppers and I have also seen some very expensive cake toppers that just didn't seem worth it so we had kind of ix nayed the whole thing. But then there were some porcelain figurines in this catalog that really suited us that I thought I would share with you because they are just so cute.

I love this one because of our decision to incorporate as much photography as possible into our reception AND because of my art background. Plus it's just really sweet.

J and I just love few things as much as the rain. The man proposed in the rain for goodness sake! Love her sweet daisy bouquet too.

Ok, if this one weren't a brunette I would be all over this one (I totally looked to see if they had a blond version but I didn't see it). I know this falls a bit under the corny section rather than just sweet but come on, Jon's whole life besides his family and friends is football!

Foreheads together right there!

Beyond the figurines I thought this porcelain Claddaugh ring would be perfect for my Irishman.

Aren't these great? I still like the idea of an antique cake topper or just some flowers, but you never know. We're still deciding if we will use one or not, but aren't these just adorable???

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Victoria said...

These toppers are SO cute and original. Too bad about the football man liking brunettes!! Maybe with a little yellow nail polish.....
love you