Monday, March 5, 2012

Wetlands Hiking Trails

J and I are both naturally athletic folks but with our busy schedules we have been meaning to put a greater emphasis on shaking our money makers out in the beautiful Florida spring on a regular basis. We love playing frisbee golf, going for walks, hanging at the dog park, playing softball and all kinds of other fun outdoor activities. Yet, without a lot of free time during the week and with the weather being a bit unpredictable we haven't been moving it or shaking it as much lately as we like. With daylight savings right around the corner, we are really hoping to capitalize a bit more on the evening hours.

I was pretty pumped to discover the Disney Wilderness Preserve Hiking Trails. I am used to California hiking (of which little compares) so I haven't really looked into any of the Florida trails since living out here. The bugs kind of dissuaded me as well as the flat terrain and unending pine trees (not the pretty kind either). BUT, when looking through the Wilderness Preserve's website, it looks like a pretty good little 2.5 mile loop along the water! I think we are going to have to check it out soon. They even have a nature treasure hunt (how cute!).

Any Spring shake-up ideas you've been into lately? We could use the inspiration!

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