Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a....

Guten Morgan! Did you have a festive Irish weekend? I hope the road rose up to meet you and the wind was at your back. It's MONDAY morning and you know what that means. Back to work! Who wants to work, let's look at some photos instead. It's about time I let everyone know the gender of my friend Lindzee's new baby. Ready to see the rest of our gender reveal photo shoot? Have a guess? Boy or girl?

Let's find out! But first, my beautiful bestie:

Alright, the big moment is here!

It's a GIRL!

I think they're happy :)

Sweet big bro to be!

My beautiful friends, the parents of one little boy and very soon, one little itty bitty girl!

Ooopsie how'd this handsome couple get in here?

Out for some celebratory cake after the photo shoot...

Pink icing... you know what that means!


Thanks for being so patient with these, I think they came out really great. More to come soon on Jonathon's and my anniversary trip to Disney. Happy Monday!


Victoria said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations to the Folgates.
I love the black and white photo with the pink balloon. Very artsy!

Lindzee said...

These came out AWESOME! Thanks Bestie. I am so excited we have a great memento to keep and frame forever!