Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary Recap

I know I said there would be a gender reveal on Lindzee's belly baby this morning but I haven't QUITE finished editing those pics just yet, so instead you get to look at my husband's handsome face! And mine too :)

As I mentioned previously, this past weekend we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in high style. Our actual anniversary isn't until the end of the month but J's work will be crazy loco at that time so we decided to get it together while we could got it together. Or whatever. ANYhow, our celebrations involved The Happiest Place on Earth (no, that's not just a euphemism for our together time, we actually did go to Disney... pics to come!), watching the Big Ten Conference Tourny (whaaaaaaaaaaan waaaaaaaa Michigan State SUCKS), dinner made of Asian deliciousness and dessert too! It was fun and romantical. I love this man:


Rachel said...

Caaaute! Happy anniversary sweet thangsss!

MrsFord said...

Love you sis!