Friday, March 16, 2012

I Love You Friday


It's been a long week. Thankfully, my March Madness Bracket is mostly still intact (YES! Love that), I have a ginormo paper due this evening (why aren't these classes OVER YET???) but I have written about 3/4 of it, I spilled coffee all over myself and then 20 minutes later also all over my office earlier this week (no, seriously... ALL over), we got to have dinner with one of my old friend's Ira last night which was awesome, and I haven't even finished editing the pics from Disney and Baby #2 that I am freaking out to share with you... it's been a roller coaster week and I'm ready for some rest and some GREEN.

If I didn't completely feel like doing nothing but making corned beef and cabbage with green beers and sitting the heck around, I would make this adorable (and interchangeable rosette by holiday) wreath this weekend and do an Irish jig to boot.

But you know what? Baby it's the freakin weeken I'm about to have me some FUN. What are your Patty's plans?

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