Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Day Baby

Not sure if you've noticed the growing list of nursery, baby and mommyhood blog links along my sidebar here but there's definitely been a sea change to the BMF winds these past few months. DON'T GET TOO EXCITED, there is no hurry in our scurry, but yes, the sweets are baby obsessed over at the Ford house.

That said, I thought I'd share my fav baby blogs with you this morning. Lay Baby Lay is so damn cute, the best part being these very grown up and chic nursery design inspirations that melt my heart and make it VERY difficult to not run out and redecorate our guest bedroom. So many nurseries tend to look like an explosion of powder pink or blue, and I might just jump on that bandwagon once we have baby Ford on board, but for now, it is so refreshing to see nursery designs that fit with mom and dad's grown-up style.

One of my favorite designs from the sight is called "glam-o-rama" but it wasn't uploading nicely. Click the link to swoon. This ocean themed nursery scheme is just too much cuteness. Yep, it's called First Little Mate:

A few for the ladies:

Sigh, I'm very excited for ONE-day baby and for all of the decorating that will come with. :)


Rachel said...

I seriously just got so excited and mad at the same time (because I thought I was finding out on your blog and you didn't call me) thinking you were going to say it was baby time. Wahhh make me an auntie!!!

MrsFord said...

We are OBVIOUSLY waiting for you to move in with us before making another human. I NEED YO HELP.