Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dorothy Perkins, Anyone?

Have you ever shopped online through Dorothy Perkins? Shipping to the US is $10 flat rate but they have a mountain of sale items all under $25, including these fun dresses! Seriously... $25!

Maybe I'm behind the times but I hadn't heard much about this company before stumbling upon them and their super deals. Their site kind of looks like the British version of Forever 21. If so, most of these dresses would unfortunately be pornographically short on me. WHY forever 21, WHY? For all you short-stemmed ladies, let me know how the length is on these duds when you buy your first $17 dress :)

And for all of my pregger friends out there that have been searching for the perfect pair of leopard print maternity leggings... look no further:

(I feel like it is my duty to send the link to these to Snooki) ;)

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Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I saw this I immediately went to the website and ordered the leggings-sadly,almost a month later I have not yet received them, have been ignored by online customer service and advised by customer service on the phone that I'll just need to wait until they arrive and refuse them if I'm not satisfied...very disappointing.