Monday, March 12, 2012

Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

What a weekend! Not only did my sweets and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary (here's a sneak peek for you...)

But I also got to spend some time snapping pics of my best friend Lindzee, her husband Erik and their son Grant finding out what gender baby #2 will be. Not only did we have a blast on our little photo shoot but it was so sweet to get to find out the gender along with my friends. Here are a few of the photo highlights from the shoot. Enjoy!

Oh you thought you were going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?! The big reveal is coming up tomorrow! Place your bets in the comments section (unless of course you already know! NO CHEATING). :)


Victoria said...

Lyndzee looks so beautiful! So do Erik and Grant- great job with the photography Tasha. Can't wait for the news tomorrow.

Lindzee said...

Love Love Love! We are glad to have shared this special day, and now we have some amazing photos as well:) You are the BEST!