Thursday, March 8, 2012

Confessions of a Photo Junkie

Confession: I am a photo junkie.

I could sit for literally hours on end pouring over photographs, taking them, or tweaking them. I know they say to do what you love, but I am still trying to get super awesome good at what I love. Are you a junkie like me? Well, if you are, I am happy to share some freebs with you this morning that I ganked from a fellow blogger buddy's site (Thanks Michelle!). The CoffeeShop Blog is all about Photoshop Hacks and Edits. LOVE! So happy to find this blog to help me on my journey to becoming a super awesome bad ass photographer lady.

In particular I am going to practice adding textures to my pics like this. Here are some of my favorite vintage-look freebies from the blog:

I have a gender reveal photo shoot set for this afternoon (I feel really fancy saying that) and I can't wait to get my edit on this weekend! Wondering what a gender reveal photo shoot is? My BFF Lindzee, her husband Erik and their one-year old sweetie Grant are all going to find out what baby #2 is made of (snips and snails or sugar and spice???) this afternoon and I get to document the journey. This is Lindzee's inspiration:

Hope my skillz are up to the challenge! Mostly SO excited to get to be a part of their sweet moment.

Have a great day!

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