Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Abby's 30th Bday Surprise

Happy February!

We made it through January guys, are we pumped? This past weekend was a birthday extravaganza with not one but two parties for my friend Abby's 30th birthday and little Grant's 1st birthday. It was a weekend of growing up. :)

We surprised Abby with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" 30th birthday surprise. We wrote her a book entitled "Princess Abby's Flirty Thirty," then she chose some adventures. Abby picked dinner at Tommy Bahamas, a Rock Band Adventure and Cheesecake for dessert. Well chosen friend!

None of us had been to Tommy Bahamas before and it was DELICIOUS and very laid back. Everyday is a long weekend at TB's! We had a few drinks, a lot of laughs and some tasty seafood.

Later, our band Big Jack and Blondie went on the road for a Rock Tour with special guests Abby and Stuart and we enjoyed some delicious cheesecake to boot.

I would say it was a very successful birthday surprise. Abby bought herself a house for her 30th birthday so I think hers was the best gift. Next up, Little Grant turns 1.

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Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Abby. I hope the thirties are a great decade!!!