Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cruisin the Glades

Last weekend Jonathon and I went on a road trip adventure to South Florida including a fan boat ride in the Everglades! We drove down to Sawgrass, Florida and took a boat tour with Everglades Tours, who also boasted not one, not two but three mini-zoos on their property.

Visiting the Everglades was one of the "have to do this before leaving Florida" things on our list, and although we did technically visit the everglades on this trip, the boat tour was slightly underwhelming due to it's similarity to lake tours up in Orlandi. We went on an overcast day so there wasn't much wildlife to see but we also didn't go too far away from civilization. I would suggest going on a longer, swampyer tour if you're looking for true Florida. We may just have to go big one day before we leave and do a real swamp tour. (Side note: we aren't "planning" to leave but we are not from Florida so it's always in the back of our minds that this is a temporary home).

The handsomest:

The three "mini-zoo" areas were broken out into reptile, bardyard and jungle cat areas. This was one of the biggest (and smelliest) gators I have ever seen.

I was really impressed with the beautiful peacocks, as you can tell from the multiple photos taken from every angle. I just couldn't stop.

Of course no trip to the Glades would be complete without joyfully holding your own baby gator. This lil guy was supposedly around 3 years old and he just loved to cuddle. I just LOVED to give him back to the handler. Jonathon refused to hold him, he was really above the whole thing (direct quote: "Any interest I have in holding that thing is trumped by my interest in not using hand sanitizer afterward." He is the cutest). I, however, look super comfortable here, it was no biggie. :)


katherinebee said...

You guys are the cutest. And that gator looks like he's taken a likin' to you! Maybe Teeny needs a brother?

Victoria said...

Hurrah for fan boats!!!! I love that first pic of you two - you are both radiating happiness.

MrsFord said...

Thanks Katie! Teeny TOTALLY needs a brother but I have my eye on a french bulldog more so than a gator ;)

Love you Moms :)