Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valetine's Date Night

Hurray, it's almost the weekend! Well... half way there, right? It's my professional opinion that we should all have the entire month of February off for one long vacation. Isn't that what Europeans do? Don't they live like 3x longer than us? Or is that the Japanese?

Ok, I'm clearly confused but I'm sure we could all do with more relaxing, less stressing and more eating of delicious foods and lying on beaches with people we love. The important thing to keep in mind is that there was SO much chocolate to be had at my office yesterday that it was kind of like a mental vacation to Willy Wonka World. This was only part of the insanity:

Later, mother nature was feeling the romance herself and put on a beautiful pink and purple sunset for us, fit perfectly for Valentine's day. This picture truly does not come close to doing it justice:

Annnd of course my sweetie outdid himself with beautiful red roses, one love letter to rule them all (i mean, the world's sweetest letter that he wrote to me) and a romantical date night out. He is so wonderful and he loves me and that is just the best there ever was. :)

Hope you had a sweet day yesterday too.

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