Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Renninger's Flea Market

A couple of weekends ago I trucked it up to Mount Dora to Renninger's: Florida's Largest Antique and Flea Market. Dudes, IT WAS BIG. One sides is a sprawling indoor/outdoor flea and farmers market and the other side is a sprawling indoor antique mart. The antiques were beautiful, but they weren't awesomely priced.

I decided to try my luck in the flea section and I gotta tell you, I was slightly disappointed in the offerings and the prices. Whenever I have gone to flea markets in the past it has been for the deals, but the Renninger's sellers weren't budging on their costs the morning I went.

They did have SOME really cute homey stuff in the flea section:

Wouldn't this be sweet in a garden with flowers planted in it?

I kind of fell in love with this outdoor furniture for a little girl. It's hard to tell in the picture but this is a mini collection, all ready for an outdoor tea party with teddy bears and dollies.

Yep, that's me trudging through the not-yet-uncovered items. This candle- chandelier for an outdoor space was so pretty and only like $35! That was a good deal but we don't have much of an outdoor area in need of chandelier's at the moment. :) This piece also needed some paint, but that could be a fun project for the right person.

I loved these mini-arches, especially to hang on a skinny, bare wall in your home. They were $25 - $30 each though and the largest one couldn't have been more than 18 inches. Fail.

There were so many buckets...

And a thousand birdhouses. There is a cute home near Jonathon's grandma's house with about 100 birdhouses in a bare tree out front of their home, which I think is a really sweet idea. These cuties were only like $5 each, so sweet.

It was pretty chilly out the morning I went out to the Market and I was there pretty early, so I'm sure that affected the "mood" of the place. I definitely plan to try my luck again under different conditions, hopefully soon!

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