Thursday, February 23, 2012

West Palm Beach Mini Vacay

It doesn't feel like two weeks ago, but it was! I haven't finished sharing the pics of our West Palm Beach mini-vacay with you just yet. The best part for me (besides getting to celebrate my best friend's bday and hanging by the beach for a few days and not being at work and eating a lot of delicious food) was all of the QT with my honey. He's the best.

Sigh. It is GORGEOUS on Palm Beach Island. Not even weather can keep me from the beach. I had my swim suit in my purse and was ready to go in but SOMEONE wouldn't let me. ;)

Oh yea, maybe he wouldn't let me because it rained so hard that the streets flooded. Silly husband, what's a little rainwater?!

So instead we ate crepes. NOMS.

We also took a very wet and rainy stroll through the grounds of The most beautiful hotel I've ever seen, The Breakers. It was all classy and shit.

Why they call it The Breakers.

We walked along the beach anyhow and took a little break in the towel gazebo. I think the lifeguard thought we were a little nutty.

I could live at this pool. The Breakers was gorgeous.

Definitely didn't want to leave.

Whenever we go down to WPB we have to eat at Hilary's. It's like a biker bar for the breakfast crowd. They load your plate up with deliciousness and you leave for under $15. Love.

Finally, as I mentioned above, we got to celebrate Aimee's big 3-0 in high style. Aimee is one of my best friends because we can make each other laugh until it hurts and she is always a great listener, support and friend without judging or comparing. She is one in a million and I feel truly blessed to call her a friend.

For her big night we all went out to a place called WineDive for some vino and then headed to Don Ramons for South Florida Cuban food. Jealous?!

The crew at WineDive.

Isn't by bestie beautiful? AND SHE'S 30!

Love to see that smile!

Living close to my best friends has been by far the best part about living in Florida. So glad we were able to get some R&R in WPB and can't wait to do it again (but it's your turn to come up to Orlando AIMEE!).


Victoria said...

Happy B-Day Aimee. What a great looking weekend!! I sure enjoy all your photos, Florida never looked better.

Aimee said...

Thanks Mamma! And thanks to Tasha and Jon for spending the weekend with me! I had a blast (if you can't tell by my massive gums!! ew...LOL)

MrsFord said...

No WE had the blast! Now when are you coming to see us???