Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since the football season officially ended, I have been ecstatic to enjoy some more time with my sweetie and wouldn't you know? When not coaching of course we are watching some sports! Good thing I love football, baseball and basketball as much as he does. :)

Last week we were very lucky to be given tickets to watch the UCF vs. Memphis Basketball game and we had a blast. Guess who else was at the game? Michael Jordan! (One of his sons plays for UCF). We sat like 5 yards from him and I might have watched him as much as I did the actual game. For someone who played basketball, loves to watch it, is originally from Illinois and who's favorite number happens to be 23 (and 3, I have two favs)... let's just say it was pretty awesome.

To top the awesome night off... The Knights Won! The fans rushed the court, which was also pretty awesome to see first-hand.

All in all, it was a fantastic date night with the man of my dreams (Jonathon, not MJ!).

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