Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is Why I LOVE the Off-Season

Had a dreamy weekend with the one I love. There were pancakes. There was reading on the beach (in February!). There was Texas barbecue with cinnamony honey butter. There was a safari through the Congo River. There was pro football viewing and cheering. There was a killer sweater sale. There were lots of snuggles.

You just don't know how much fun it is spending time with my sweets when there isn't an expiration stamp on our date. LOVE having him back for our weekends and I'm trying to soak it up while I've got it. Can you tell? ;)

J definitely thought the Old Spanish Sugar Mill lived up to it's hype. We went a little crazy with the pancake mix-ins, but I think that's how they getcha. You drive forever, pay for entrance to a state park, add your name to a waiting list and by the time you're seated you order one of everything on the menu. It was delicious though. The gal at the table behind us had two small kids and an infant and she made them all pancakes and kept their little hands off the hot hot griddle all by herself. Shout out to single moms making it look easy!

Yes, its February and yes it was about 78 out; perfect day at the beach! After breakfast we drove East to New Smyrna Beach (which is precious), walked around on Flagler Ave, NSB's cute downtown with little beach bungalow surf shops and cafes, then found ourselves a spot of sand to call our own. This is truly my idea of heaven.

Somehow the day was still young, so we decided to try our hand at the great Congo River miniature golf challenge. While we didn't exactly earn the day's highest (lowest?) putting scores, the CR crew does give you a scavenger hunt to conduct along your path and we kicked that hunt's butt twice to Tuesday. Guess what we won? $1 off our next visit ;)

Oh hi, I live in Florida and we have a LOT of gators. You could feed these at the CR if you were so inclined. We were not.

We certainly built up an appetite of Texas sized proportions with our day of fun. Anyone in the mood for Texas Roadhouse? Yes, two of us. It's worth the drive up north just for the rolls.

Nothing I love more than this face:

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