Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Detail: Professional Make-Up

When it comes to girly stuff I am usually pretty on-point. However, my true handicap in girldom is most definitely lack of skill in applying make-up. Due to a combination of my freakish "pure" side wherein I want most things that come into contact with my body to be organic, I don't take medicine of almost any kind, I wash my hands compulsively, I won't drink tap water, you get the point... and much of my formative years as a thespian spent in caked on theatrical make-up, I never really wanted to get close enough to cosmetics to figure out the deal with applying a full face of natural looking make-up for your every day.

Therefore, because my wedding was no normal day and I wanted to look as normal as possible but as GOOD as possible... (that's generally the goal with cosmetics, no?) I did not trust myself to complete this task. I was very fortunate to meet Holli Mediano of the Rancho Mirage MAC who transformed me, my mom and cousin on my wedding day.

Holli did an awesome job. I would highly recommend a make-up run-through to anyone who is going to have someone other than themselves working on their face on their wedding day. Holli was great and really listened to my "likes and dislikes" and also asked me to trust her when I thought I didn't like where she was going. After my initial trial, I was really pleased with the overall look but I thought the gold eyeshadow was a little intense and so were the fake eyelashes. I felt like a bit of a drag queen but everyone kept telling me I looked good so I was trusting that.

On the day of the wedding Holli toned the gold and the lashes down and gave me a very soft look that I was ecstatic with. I know these are professional pictures compared to the cell phone ones above, but I really felt beautiful and I know a huge part of that was thanks to my awesome make-up artist!
What do you think?


Victoria said...

You looked absolutely stunning....but then I think you are beautiful when you roll out of bed first thing too.
You are a pearl of a girl.

Shells said...

I thought your make-up was beautifully done--you looked extra gorgeous and your hair was very elegant. It's a real kudos to Holli that I couldn't tell those were false eyelashes on the wedding day. Since Bonnie is a pro photographer, I've been made up by many make-up artists and most of them pile on the makeup. That's fine for in the studio and the camera loves it but if you go out into daylight you can see every bit of foundation and powder like a glaring neon sign. Hello Bozo the Clown!