Friday, April 9, 2010

Succulents for Sale on Etsy

Now that the DIY festivities are over and we are attempting to move across the country (more info to come soon, I swear), we are putting all of our much loved wedding succulents back on the market. If you are interested in any of the following and you have the means to pick them up in the Los Angeles area, please email me at becomingmrsford{at}gmail{dot}com.

Just in time for spring... our itemz up for sale are:

18.5 inch handmade moss and living succulent wreaths for $40 each (I have 4 available) or $150 for all four. These wreaths require little to no maintenance and live on and on for years. They can be added to for a fuller succulent look and can also be hung from ribbon from your door, etc.

Also for sale are eight (all different varieties) 6 inch wide, two and a half quart, potted succulents for $6 each or all eight for $40. Currently the plastic pots are wrapped in burlap and ribbon ready to be displayed but they would also love to be permanently planted in your yard or in an actual ceramic pot in your home.

Finally, for sale are three succulent arrangements in antique brass containers. The two larger arrangements are 40 inches long, 6 inches wide (and the brass is 4 inches high although the succulents add a good deal of height) and the third arrangement is 30 inches long, 5 inches wide and also 4 inches tall.

The two large hand-arranged planters are $80 each and the one small arrangement is $60. Or, you could be the happy owner of all three for the low low price of $180 for all three.

These arrangements require little to no maintenance. They can be trimmed for a neater or more manicured look. They would be best as indoor decorations or if outside, they should be kept in a shaded spot so the metal containers do not overheat the plants' roots.

Happy shopping! More handmade and customizable items are available on my BRAND NEW Etsy site as well, so make sure to check back in frequently at as I add more and more!

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Mr. Ford said...

Honestly probably the most fun of the planning process for me was spending so much time and heart on the details of the wedding like the succulents. It was amazing getting to pick each one and caring for it for the month before the wedding.
They were so completely beautiful on the wedding day too. You're an ass kicker baby. I love you!