Friday, April 30, 2010

Adventures in Finding a New Home

After our great trek out East, J and I hunkered down and started in on our first major necessity: find shelter. Thankfully, we have amazing friends who let us stay with them while we sought out the perfect chateau, all the while giving us the royal treatment, so we knew we had time on our side. This was a major plus because we looked and looked and looked and looked some more for just the right spot. One bonus of driving around town looking for signs all day: I know this city like the back of my hand now.

Just a sampling of the places that didn't make the cut because they were too big, too small, too expensive, too crime-laden, too run-down, too-crazy, you name it, we saw it:


Ahhhh, I'm sick of looking in windows of empty houses!

This is what they call in Florida, "lush landscaping." It is what the Fords call "koo-koo."

This one was slightly out of our price range but I fell a little in love with it. The one thing that I can't even start to get enough of here in Florida: front porches with ceiling fans and swinging chairs. Holy cutenes it hurts...

Through our week long search we saw a few places that made us scrub our hands very thoroughly and we saw a few that we lusted after and we saw a few that just left us yawning. As excited and gung-ho as we were about it, searching for your next address is rather grueling. Poor Jonathon even sustained an in-search-ouchy by bumping his head extremely hard on something extremely sharp. NOTE: Image not for the squeamish. Yes, I did put neosporin on it. My best friend is a doctor.

Since he bonked his head I bought him a snow cone and all was right again with the world. That's right. Florida has SNO-CONES, come visit.

Yes, you read that correctly, I said COME VISIT. Through our great grueling search we found a little place we affectionately call home and it has a guest room just waiting for you. I can't wait to get my little designy hands all over it and decorate! Pictures to follow shortly, I'm sure. Book your tickets now.


TJQ said...

You found a house?! Congrats! How long have you guys been there?? How delayed are the blog posting? You guys are so quick!

MrsFord said...

Hey Tiff,

We are quick! We spent an entire week looking but we found something we liked so we grabbed it. We have officially spent three nights in our new place and we love it. It feels crazy looking back on our old home and how it feels like a year ago but was only 2 months. We are having an awesome time living in a whole new city. It's so fun!