Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip USA Part 2: Austin

Whew, on day two we made it through the torrential downfall to Austin!

Teeny was EXTREMELY pleased about this.

My uncle Steve lives in Austin and he was generous to put us up for two nights and show us the town. I had only been to Austin once before so it was really fun to check out the scene. Mostly we were VERY excited to eat BAR b QUE. YUM.

We were pretty exhausted after all of those hours crossing the first half of the country so we slept like babies and woke up re-newed the next day. My uncle Steve is a tennis aficionado so he took us to see the UT tennis facilities, all around the UT campus and to show my football coach husband the Darell K Royal football stadium.

Hi, how are you?

My Unc took us to Sholz Beer Garten for some good old fashioned Texas brewskies and Irish folk music and dancing.

Everything's bigger in Texas!

After our tour of the city it was time for MORE BBQ. It started torrential down-pouring AGAIN just in time for din din, but it just added to Austins charm. We absolutely LOVE it there.

Although we could definitely see ourselves as Austonians in the future and didn't want to leave, we were excited to get on the road again to get to our new home!


Jakeandjess said...

My husband and I just moved to Austin and L-O-V-E it too! Good luck on your FL adventure!!!

Victoria said...

Jonathon's haircut is so cute!
I laughed so hard at the crazy tennis lady's picture. What a fun time it looks like.
Hooray for Stevie.