Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bachelorette Party Highlights

Going out with my bridesmaids and friends for the bachelorette party really kicked our wedding weekend off with a bang. I was a little leery about the whole evening because two of my 4 bridesmaids were unable to make it out to Palm Springs in time for the party and the majority of our local LA friends were working since it was a Thursday night and weren't coming to the desert until the weekend. However, I trusted my bff and matron of honor Lindzee and the night was one of the best I have had in ages.

Lindz hooked me up with a sweet bachelorette crown, sash, garter and a sweet blinking "bride to be" button and flashing hot pink engagement ring! I looked AWESOME!

My best friend is cuter than yours...

We started the night out at a Palm Springs local favorite La Casuelas where the conversation was racy, the mariachi was hot and the margaritas were muy grande. We had so fun starting the night off with the moms and aunts. The mariachi came over and sang me an X-rated song about "making guacamole all night long" and had us all cracking up.

It was AWESOME having friends from all different parts of my life in one place celebrating girldom! Sometimes you just really need that silly girl time.

After dinner we ditched the older ladies, put our dancing shoes on and got down! We had a blast dancing with each other and with some of Palm Spring's wildest senior citizens...

Just dance!

While us girls were out dancing we were paparazzied by a group consisting of two older guys and an older chick who WOULD NOT STOP taking pictures of and with us. At first we just thought, oh I'm wearing al this blinking pink stuff and a tiara its just fun for them, but then they just. kept. taking. pictures. It was totally weird. Rachel was as horrified as I was, but Valerie just kept voguing it for them. She was killing us, I don't remember if we ever stopped laughing. I'm sure we are on these people's weird kinky website somewhere...

In addition to dancing with my ladies, I also got to one-two-cha-cha-cha with this older gentleman. He had moves for days!

My ladies!!!

Finally Aimee arrived at the end of the night just in time to get a few dances in before they kicked us out. She was definitely the icing on the cake.

At the end of the night, after we shut the place down, we walked to the bar across the street where lo and behold my fiance was having his bachelor party! Turns out Palm Springs is a LOT smaller than we thought. Luckily the boys were all good sports about it and didn't think we were trying to crash their party. I think they were so stoked to see girls under the age of 55 that they didn't realize we were their girls at first!

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