Monday, April 26, 2010

Road Trip USA Part 1: So Long California

Last week the Mr. and I made a huge life change as we traveled by car from Los Angeles to Orlando.

Two weeks married, all packed up and READY TO ROCK! The hubs and I prepped for our big cross-country move by renting a trailer and fillin-er-up...

We said our last good-byes to our loved ones, as silly as they are we love them so much... Wood Ranch, we love you too...

And our little family was off!

We listened to MANY MANY NPR RadioLabs, a lot of ipod mixes, and we took lots of pictures of Teeny being his goofy self to keep us entertained. It worked.

Finally we made it to Las Cruces, NM on the border of Texas where we got to stop for the day. Teeny was SURE glad for the photo shoots to end and to stretch his little baby legs. Does he make the best faces OR WHAT?

One of Jonathon's old football players now attends UTEP so we stopped in the morning in EL Paso to see how he's doing and of course to take a pic with him. Someone actually makes my husband look tiny!

I made J take a picture with me at each gas station before we headed back out onto the road. I will spare you the majority of those; the paparazza in me just cant get enough!

This is Texas.

This is a dog park in Texas.

This is my dog at a dog park in Texas.

This is our car and trailer parked outside of a dog park in Texas.

This is the Gooch family cemetery we found on a tiny country road in the back hills of Texas as it was absolutely DUMPING rain on us. I have never been afraid of driving in the rain but it was coming down so ridiculously hard that I was freaking out. Not so freaked out that I was deterred from stopping to take a picture of course.

Luckily, this was not the road we needed to travel down to get to Austin.

Finally the rain let up and it was an absolutely goregous drive through the rolling country roads. We listened to Tim McGraw and Trace Adkins and had ourselves a good-ol-time!


Victoria said...

What an adventure!!! How fun. Teeney is a baby.

Shells said...

Wow! You guys made great time. Almost to Texas in one day?? Aren't road trips fun?

Dav said...

awesome shots! Can't wait for the rest.

But damn, that guy must be huge!! I've never seen Jon dwarfed like that.