Monday, April 12, 2010

Pleased to Meet you, Hope You Guess My Name

Hello World!

My name is Mrs. Ford and I am madly in love with my husband of two weeks. His name is Jonathon and I think he is just amazing. See:

Although we have only been married a short time, we have been friends since 1998 and we dated for five years before gettin hitched. We believe that life is a journey and we feel so blessed to be sharing the ride with one another and with our baby boy Teeny.

Jonathon is my best friend. Did I mention I love being his wife and feel blessed every day?

One of the most exciting, overwhelming, enjoyably creative parts of our 12 year journey together was planning our beautiful wedding this year. We tried to make it as "us" as possible by using handmade details that held personal sentiment and by keeping our dear friends and family in mind every step of the way. This blog has been a destination for my ideas and inspirations regarding our wedding planning but it has also been a journal of sorts on the continual joining of our lives.

Before becoming Mrs. Ford I was a high school art teacher in downtown Los Angeles. Because of my creative background and educator organizational skills, planning a wedding of my own was a very natural fit. I loved having a direct outlet for all of my zany DIY craft projects with a very real deadline... 3/28/10!

Now that the wedding is in our rear view mirror, we have set our sights on a new hometown destination. Because we get bored if our lives aren't too hectic, we are taking a cross-country road trip as we move our lives and things to Orlando, Florida! Oh yea, and we're moving this week!

Although we are both true die-hard Angelenos at heart, and always will be, we chose to move to Orlando so that Jonathon can continue to further his career as a college football coach. We also love a good adventure.

While I am not sure what Orlando has in store for me career-wise, I know that I am ready for something a bit different and I know that I have a great outlet here for all of my ideas. With the wedding only two weeks behind us and no professional wedding pictures yet shared, there will still be plenty more blog posts about our wedding events and details. Besides real wedding inspirations, I will continue to post about design, style and all things DIY or handmade. Of course there will also be updates about our road trip, new home, new jobs and new East Coast lives.

It has truly been a blessing to be able to share so many of my ideas and inspirations on this site. I hope you continue to stick around because this is only the beginning!


Victoria said...

PLEASE keep on bloggin'
I look for your posts every morning!
Love you Ms. Ford

Anonymous said...

Do the evolution!!
Keep up the great work!