Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Became One

Holy cow! What a magical crazy whirlwind week... and guess what? We're married!!! I am officially, legally, spiritually changed, but you and I both know the vows were just the beginning of becoming Mrs. Ford. We will be getting to that, but in the meantime, Happy Easter to you, I hope yours was hoppin! (I am stoked that our anniversary will be exactly one week before Easter every year, can you tell?).

So... I know you are all after the details, and I promise I will get to all of the DIY deliciousness, but in the meantime I just wanted to say, I'm baaaaaaaaaack and to tell you that I had the, hands down, most amazing week of my life and that I am still walking on sunshine.

I swear our wedding day never felt real. I am still staring at pictures and watching videos on repeat just to make sure it all actually happened. I felt so overwhelmed by love from our friends and family the entire week, everything went smoothly, the ceremony and reception were just beautiful, the weather was perfect, nothing was negative for a whole week. Most importantly though, I exchanged some very serious words and rings with my best friend... and now we're one for life.

That's pretty amazing.

I know this post is incredibly corny and I'm sure if you talked with me in the last week or so I sounded like a walking Hallmark card, but words are really failing to describe the sensations going on in my body of late. Grrrar. Get your heads out of the gutter, you know what I mean! I'm in love!

I will be posting on the wedding weekend events this week, and will get to the bittier details soon enough, so bear with my gushing for a week would ya? I'm a newlywed for goodness sake!

L-O-V-E, it does crazy things to you...

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Mr. Ford said...

Fresh new signature and EVERYTHING??? Oh yeah baby, what a wonderful week indeed. what a wonderful feeling.

Mr. Ford